About The Shelter Collection



The Shelter Collection is a line of hand blown glassware and hand thrown ceramics designed in South Carolina and made in North Carolina.

The Shelter Collection, designed by Erin Reitz, are home wares inspired by the shape of a mud hut, the strongest shape in architecture using the least amount of materials. The collection was first developed as the in house line of the retail shop The Commons, and expanded into its own business the summer of 2016.

The Commons was born with my best friend and former business partner Kerry Speake. We built a store around hand selected American made products for the home, edited through a modern lens. Through my work at The-Commons, my desire to create my own home wares collection grew into what is now The Shelter Collection.

To produce the collection we partner with a non-profit called Starworks to produce the line in efforts to bring sustainable business to the town of Star, NC where Starworks is located.

Below are images of Erin Reitz working at Starworks NC with Joe Grant, the director of the glass program, and Bill Jones, the lead ceramicist for The Shelter Collection. All images were taken by Artisanal Aperture.


About Erin Reitz

My career began in NYC as a clothing designer, introduced to the fashion world in 2001. My days were filled with bringing protos to factories, sewing button holes, dying trims in paper cups to match runway samples, and watching my mentors fit clothing directly with the patternmakers and sample sewers. I was enthralled with the idea of creating beautiful, functional works of art with a team and watching the items come to life right before my eyes. All of these clothes were made within a 10 block radius. My career eventually took me to the west coast, designing large collections for design houses. I traveled for many years overseas to conduct fittings and review protos when I began to see some things that didn’t quite fit with my moral compass. I grew tried of the jet lag lifestyle and took a road trip across the country to get away from my day to day grind. I realized I wanted to spend my days closer to home focusing on designing goods for the home, and that’s where The Commons began in Charleston, SC.

I now spend my days running The Shelter Collection from Charleston, and  designing US made clothing with the ever-admirable Alabama Chanin.

I aim to design products that feel personal. They are part of MY life, the artisans life, and I hope they become a part of your daily routine as well. I think things made by hand bring warmth to the home. I hope you enjoy The Shelter Colleciton.