Martha Stewart: American Made

October 2017


Photo credit: Martha Stewart Living

Photo credit: Martha Stewart Living

Featured in Martha Stewart Living

"A few years ago, Erin Reitz was waiting for a delivery at The Commons, the Charleston, South Carolina, shop filled with American made home goods that she co-owned with her friend Kerry Speake. A visitor walked in and asked why there was no glassware."

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We couldn't be more thrilled about this months feature in Martha Stewart. As Kerry Speake and I began The Commons 4 years ago we were deeply inspired by the fact that Martha Stewart Living had a feature about American Made. This was the outcome of a shift of focus to the maker and ethics of production. Customers were ready to think deeper about where things are made. Knowing that such an influential publication was willing to invest in this message was encouraging as we wrote our business plan.

There have so many people that have helped and contributed to the launch and the success of The Shelter Collection. I want to highlight the "village" that made this article possible here.

Joe Grant working his magic. Photo credit: Artisanal Aperture

Joe Grant working his magic. Photo credit: Artisanal Aperture

Joe Grant runs the glassware department at Starworks NCwhere we developed and produce The Shelter Collection. Joe was the  first person I worked with to develop the initial shapes and carve out the logistics of how to make this type of partnership work. To this day Joe has a part of making every piece, wether he is making himself or training the team to produce these shapes. 

Bill Jones is the lead ceramicist on the collection. Bill and I had an instant connection with the mud hut inspiration. Bill studied architecture before pursuing ceramics. He immediately understood the desired shape, and skillfully crafted our first prototypes. He continues to produce and oversee training of the Shelter production line.

Bill Jones and Erin Reitz review glazes. Photo credit: Artisanal Aperture

Bill Jones and Erin Reitz review glazes. Photo credit: Artisanal Aperture


Melissa Ozawathe editor on this feature told the nuances of our story with great care. Running a small business is an experience that is hard to sum up into words (at least for me!)...she really took the time to understand our journey and presented in such a beautiful way. We are so grateful that Melissa chose to work with photographers that have supported us over the years. Rinne Allen can capture the soul even in inanimate objects. Kirk Chambers from Brothers and Craft can effortlessly make you and your life look glamorous. And Artisanal Aperture a team of brilliant minds dedicated to documenting craft through photography and video.

Thank you to everyone who made this feature possible!!!


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