A reluctant post about myself

June 2, 2016


Photography by  Elizabeth Ervin

Photography by Elizabeth Ervin

Two things:

1. I hate talking about myself 

2. My career path has meandered in many directions

Which means I get a lot of questions about what I do...What is The Shelter Collection? Where is The Commons? You design clothes? 

Firstly, I own The Shelter Collection. It is a line of ceramics and glassware that I design and have produced by a talented team of artisans based in Star, NC. We have this website as an avenue for direct sales, and we have about 20 wholesalers throughout the country. Each Shelter item we sell is helping me fulfill my passion of design, the artisans passion to create, and the non-profits mission to bring business to its small town.


Secondly, The Commons. As many of you know, I opened The Commons retail store with my best friend Kerry Speake here in Charleston. But after four years open, busy lives and bi-coastal living situations made it hard to run a business together, and almost impossible to maintain a physical location. So we closed the shop and separated the businesses, with Kerry owning The Commons and me owning The Shelter Collection!

And last but not least, yes, I do design clothes! I have designed clothes for about 15 years. I worked for companies small and large in NYC and on the West coast before relocating to Charleston and opening The Commons and The Shelter Collection. Recently though, I have gotten back to my clothing design roots. I work part-time as a freelance designer for companies that I admire. One of those companies is Alabama Chanin...you will see more about them in our next blog post.

I hope that was helpful to our wonderful, loyal, yet confused clients! Thank you so much for your never-ending interest and support!

ShelterJessi Davis