Medium Towel with Grey Border

Medium Towel with Grey Border


These handwoven towels are 100% Cotton with an extremely soft handfeel. The towel is constructed with a smooth plain weave, with a stripe of  texture woven down the center…creating a beautiful two tone pattern on the selvedge.

The center color is a natural creamy tone with a grey border.

The small towel is woven to be 18” by 25”. After wash the towel will bloom into a soft, lofty, and absorbent cloth that will measure to be approximately 16” by 23”.

These can be used as tea towels, bathroom towels, or small table runners…

These cloths are made in collaboration with Beacon of Hope, and organization based in Kenya that provide women vocational training in order to generate sustainable income. This organization focuses on communities affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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